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Our Fireplaces & Products in Massachusetts 

As the most populous state within the region, Massachusetts is the heart of New England. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2010 there were over 2,585,000 residential households and more than 177,000 commercial establishments located within the state. Since then, this number has been steadily growing. This means that there are well over 2,750,000 properties within the state of Massachusetts that must endure the frigid temperatures present throughout the Winter and there is nothing better to help do so than a fireplace from the states go-to professional for fireplaces, Anderson Fireplace.

We are proud to offer a wide range of products for individuals throughout the state of Massachusetts looking to give their home an additional source of heat. Fireplaces help to not only keep your home heated and energy costs low, but they also add to the aesthetic of any home. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a wood burning fireplace, fireplace insert, or another fireplace product, we would be happy to help today.




Providing Fireplaces to Massachusetts Homes

Massachusetts, like the rest of the New England states, witnesses the changing of the seasons. This means that residents experience the blistering hot summer, as well as what most dread above all, the freezing cold winter. Anderson Fireplace is proud to help individuals throughout Massachusetts look forward to the winter weather thanks to a wide variety of available fireplaces for purchase today. Whether you’re looking for an electric fireplace, gas fireplace, or anything in between, we can help today.  

Anderson Fireplace Service Areas

Over the past years, Anderson Fireplace has been proud to complete numerous commercial and residential fireplace projects throughout the state of Massachusetts. Those looking to imagine our fireplace products in their home or office are advised to stop by our online gallery and showroom. Our showroom features over forty fully functioning fireplace displays while our gallery provides individuals with a look at some of the projects we have completed in town throughout Massachusetts such as:

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