Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas

March 25, 2021

If you have reached a decision to install a gas fireplace, wait!

We suggest you convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas. Yes, if you have a wood-burning fireplace, you can convert it to gas.

You will find many styles and types, and each of these offers something for your home. Before we discuss the process, here is a tip.

Consider Ventilation 

Remember, gas fireplaces will not give out any smoke or odor yet produce some toxic gases. You must use ventilation to minimize its accumulation inside.

Installing a Gas Fireplace replacing Wood fireplace– The Procedure

You should consult a professional for fixing a gas fireplace and replacing your old wood-burning fireplace

Though the process is simple, you will need a professional’s help to make it a seamless job from a security and safety point of view.

A wood-burning fireplace is typical for having a built-in vent, so you can use the same passage for toxic gases to go out. You should go for a wraparound mantelpiece to make it more secure.

The next step involves drilling holes in the floor to lay gas pipelines and electric wires.

Connect metal firebox to gas lines. At the same time, connect electric wire as well.

Make it an easy-access line for both electricity and gas. Connect these lines and the vent pipes to your firebox. 

For an existing wood fireplace, you need to purchase a firebox of approximate size to sit well in the space of the fireplace. Attach gas and electric wires to it by direct drilling.

You should add an air intake pipe by making a hole in the chimney if the extra hole does not exist. You can use the chimney vent passage as an exhausting way for toxic gases.

Now you are finally ready to connect the electric cable and gas lines. Connect ventilation pipe as well to your new gas firebox. It’s ready to heat your home whenever you want.

Maintenance of Gas Fireplace

Its maintenance is easy as there are no ash residues. You can get it cleaned every year by professionals before winter. Just ensure they do check the electric wires, gas pipes joints, and leakage of gas to avoid any incident. Generally, a gas fireplace is a safe bet for warming your home.

Contact us!

You can light your fireplace with gas or wood for warming up your premises. 

There are procedures and ways to convert your existing fireplace into a gas-based fireplace. 

You can contact us Anderson Fireplace, and we will send our professional team to survey your area and offer the best solution to convert your wood fireplace into a gas-operated fireplace. You will get the best eco-friendly advice from us.

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