4 Season Fireplaces: Fall

August 22, 2018

A Fall Fireplace

Having the correct fireplace and mantle arrangement year-round brings a tremendous amount of style to any living space. Due to the heat it provides, most individuals take advantage of their fireplace during the winter months which often leaves fireplaces and their mantles neglected during warmer times of the year. Although, this should not be the case as Fireplaces provide homeowners with the blank canvas needed to augment living areas in a way that can change as the seasons do. By doing this, you are making the most of your fireplace even if its not being used for the heat.

All About Autumn

The coming of Fall gives homeowners an excuse to redesign the style of their fireplace to emphasize the space in a way that goes hand and hand with the present season. There are a variety of Fall season ideas you can implement to enhance your fireplace display that include:


By emphasizing the rustic look of a wooden beam mantle, many individuals give their living area a Fall feeling. Going overboard is not necessary as many of the rustic changes that can be made are quite simple such as including wooden garden tools and crops like gourds.


as opposed to the wooden rustic looks, individuals who are hoping for something traditional can add a simple New England style mantel. Such a mantle paired with a vase showcasing flowers is a simple but extremely effective way to set the Fall mood.

Huddled by the Fire:

Even if your fireplace does not include a display mantle you can still emphasize the area by the fire to give the living space that Fall feeling. Decorations such as orange and red leaves as well as pumpkins are fantastic options when aspiring to achieve this look.

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