Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient?

September 14, 2020

Fireplaces help create a warm, cozy ambiance in your home. But how will they impact your home’s energy usage? Will they become a drain on your utility bills – or can they actually save you some money when it comes to heating to your home? This article will dive into how efficient electric fireplaces are and how much money you could save by using one.

How Much Energy Do Electric Fireplaces Use? 

How much energy your electric fireplace will use depends on a lot of factors including its age, brand, and size. It also depends on how you use it. For example, if you only use it as a decoration and therefore no heat is produced, it only costs about 3 cents per hour. However, in general, it costs about 9 cents per hour if you are using a on/off interval setting. If you have it on the maximum settings, it will cost about 18 cents per hour.

Since most people will use a combination of these settings, and likely will not use it more than 3-4 months of the year, it will cost about $50 – $80 to use an electric fireplace per year.

Can I Save Money by Using an Electric Fireplace? 

An electric fireplace uses electricity to heat your home. If your home has another heating source – such as propane or natural gas – you may save a considerable amount of money by supplementing your home heat with an electric fireplace.

If you already have a traditional fireplace, you should also compare the cost of running each. As mentioned above, you’ll spend about $50 – $80 to run an electric fireplace per year. Traditional fireplaces cost between $200 and $500 per year because of cleaning and maintenance. Also keep in mind long-term costs – electric fireplaces are significantly less likely to contribute to any damage to your home, like roof leaks, that can lead to expensive home repairs.

Electric fireplaces are both beautiful and practical. Though they don’t produce as much heat as a more traditional wood-burning fireplace, electric fireplaces are energy-efficient, easy-to-install, and still provides the cozy look and feel you’re looking for when it comes to your home.

Electric fireplaces can work in tandem with your home heating system to help efficiently heat your home. If you are interested in adding an electric fireplace to your home, contact Anderson Fireplace today.

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