Are Gas Fireplaces Efficient?

February 20, 2018

In the short answer, gas fireplaces are some of the most efficient fireplaces on the market. While in modern times, the gas prices have been slightly up and down and fluctuating often, the gas needed for a gas fireplace is minimal, typically.

These kinds of fireplaces are the main sources for many, especially those living in areas where the winters are extremely cold, such as New England. There are a few reasons why natural gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts have reigned supreme in the past few years. Let’s look at some of these reasons today.


The indoor air quality, as well as the heating quality, is incredible for fireplaces and fireplace inserts that use natural gas. There is no air pollution in the home caused my smoke that has escaped from your wood burning fireplace, meaning that you will be perfectly comfortable and safe to breathe.

Similarly, the quality of heating is like no other. If you have regular heating in your home, you can turn it down a bit in the winter time, as a natural gas fireplace insert, which is highly efficient, has the ability to heat 1000 square feet of space at a time. This is highly beneficial, as it will not leave the rest of the house freezing cold, but instead, the air will flow through the home and make it a comfortable environment all day and night, at minimal costs to you.


Regarding cleanliness, natural gas fireplaces are perfect. There is no fire to tend to, meaning that there is no ash or debris from wood, etc. that you will need to clean up. This minimal clean up is a massive benefit that many people believe is the key to a perfect fireplace.


Since you are not burning any wood or anything material in a solid form, there is less air pollution outside of your home. If you are using coal or wood, this will be different, as you will be releasing that smoke into the air.

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