Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

January 3, 2018

During the winters in New England, it can be nice to cozy up to a fire with a blanket and relax. This being said, there are a lot of concerns revolving around fireplaces, as they can be dangerous and/or harmful. Electric fireplaces, however, are a completely different story. These fireplaces are the perfect addition to any home, because of the following reasons.

Low Maintenance

Since the fireplace is electric, it does not create any byproducts, like that coming from real burning wood. Real wood-burning fireplaces can have a lot of maintenance.

One of the main things to consider is the ash and fumes that come from wood when it is burned. This can cause a residue, called soot, to collect on the inside of your chimney, becoming a hazard. To take care of this can cost a lot of money over time, but is a necessity to the safety of your home. You will have none of these issues with an electric fireplace.


Since no actual wood is being burned, there are no fumes that come from this type of fireplace. Because there are no fumes, it is safer for you and your family, as you will not be breathing in fireplace fumes.

Safe to Use

Safety is a number one priority for many, and due to the many reasons above, an electric fireplace is simply the safest. On top of being fumeless, and not causing soot buildup, you are also safe from accidentally burning yourself, as while electric fireplace heat a room, they are not typically hot to the touch.


As compared to many other different styles of fireplaces, electric fireplaces are relatively inexpensive. The initial cost is not very high, and the installation is quite simple, making this one of the easiest options in regard to fireplaces.

Similarly, and as mentioned above, you will be saving a lot of money in the long term, due to no costs involving chimney repair/cleaning, or ash removal.

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