Cleaning Direct Vent Fireplace Glass

September 26, 2018

Over time, direct vent gas fireplaces that are not properly taken care of will struggle to keep spreading luxury and ambiance throughout a home. Many people choose to purchase a direct vent gas fireplace because of the fact that it requires very little maintenance but learning how to do what you can to keep your direct vent gas fireplace performing at its best can save you from unwanted money expenditures as well as headaches. In order to ensure that your fireplace is performing at optimal standards, cleaning the glass is something that should be done at least twice a year. Doing this one simple task will keep your fireplace running for years on years. Owners of a new fireplace, although proud, may experience a phenomenon referred to as the off-gassing phase which happens during the first 10 hours of consecutive operation. The reason why this event occurs is to cure any residues from the manufacturing process. After this event concludes, and the fireplace cools, products of combustion mix with the present particles to condense as deposits on the glass, meaning that the new fireplace is already ready to have its glass cleaned.

Regular build up from minerals contained in the outside air or within the fuel itself can cause a film to build up which means that the more you use the fireplace, the more often it will require cleaning. Before you start the process of cleaning your direct vent gas fireplaces glass, be sure to follow a few precautions. Remember that you should never clean with a paper towel, abrasive cleaner, or ammonia-based cleaner. Each of these is not ideal as they can lead to worse conditions than were present to start with. In addition to making sure you are using the proper materials, you have to make sure that your home’s gas is properly disabled and that the fireplace itself has actually been given time to cool down. Taking these additional steps will guarantee that your cleaning process is conducted in a safe environment.

How to clean the glass of your Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

  • Turn off the fireplace including the pilot light, and open the glass front by following the instructions in your owners manual.
  • If the glass is not on hinges, move the glass to a carpet, drop cloth, or towel for the soft surface. If on hinges, leave the glass front on its hinges.
  • Pour roughly two tablespoons of cream cleanser directly on to the glass.
  • Using a soft cloth, spread the cleaner around. Leave the cleaner to sit on the glass for about 15 minutes or until completely dry.
  • Moving in circular motions buff the cleaner off using a clean soft cloth
  • Using strokes in the reverse direction than you used on the backside, clean the front of the glass in the same way.

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