Common Mistakes Fireplace Contractors Make

September 24, 2021

Having a fireplace in your home is a wonderful way to add ambience and value to your home. Unfortunately, installing a new fireplace is a job that is prone to mistakes. There’s a lot that goes into a new fireplace and that means there’s a lot of opportunities for error. Let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes fireplace contractors make so you’ll know what to look out for! 

Space Between Vent Pipe and Framing 

The vent pipe of your new fireplace has to be a certain distance from wood framing in the home. If it isn’t, it becomes a major fire hazard. The vent pipe reaches high temperatures when the fireplace is being used so it can’t be too close to exposed wood framing. This dangerous mistake is often made because it’s easier to place the vent pipe too close than to make structural changes and move the wood framing. Obviously, what’s easiest isn’t always what’s best. 


If energy efficiency is a priority to you (it should be!) your fireplace will need to be insulated. Without proper insulation, outdoor temperatures can make their way into your home around the new fireplace. The insulation has to be specifically placed in a way that insulates the fireplace without being too close to the heat source and creating a fire hazard. Ask your contractor if they have experience insulating around fireplaces before hiring them! 

Distance to Combustible Materials on the Front 

The front of the fireplace is the wow-factor that it brings to your home. It instantly acts as the centerpiece for whatever room it’s in. it’s important to have materials on the front of your fireplace that you like aesthetically, but those materials can’t just be placed anywhere. Anything that’s considered a combustible material needs to be a safe distance away from the fireplace opening. Directly around the opening there should only be metal and other non-combustible materials. 

Choosing the Right Valve 

If you’re getting a gas fireplace installed, the type of valve your contractor chooses is important. Certain valves are more energy efficient while others have something called a standing pilot light that’s constantly using gas. If energy efficiency is important to you, discuss that with your contractor before they choose a valve! A good contractor should bring it up to you first, but it’s a commonly overlooked topic and contractors tend to just assume they know what the customer wants. 

Contact Anderson Fireplace today to schedule a consultation with a local fireplace contractor! We’re dedicated to avoiding these common mistakes and ensuring each fireplace installation is done the right way the first time around. We use only the safest, most efficient installation methods for every new fireplace installation! 

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