Different Outdoor Fireplace Options

June 26, 2024

Since the beginning, the great outdoors has always been called out to men. Sitting outside, huddled around a fire, staring at the stars while feeling the breeze on your face. There’s nothing better than that; add a bit of chilled drinks and lovely delicacies, and you have the best evening.
You can replicate this vibe in your backyard, but a fireplace is often needed to complete the aesthetics.

It might sound surprising, but aren’t fireplaces used indoors to warm living rooms during cold weather? Yes, but they don’t have to be for that particular scenario; they can be used for much more. Fireplaces can be used outdoors. There are different types of outdoor fireplaces, and here are some of the other fireplace options to help you choose the best fireplace possible.

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

If you are more of a traditionalist, wood-burning fireplaces might be your option. They produce natural flames with consistent, long-lasting heat that perfectly recreates the camping ambiance. It’s the perfect option if you love looking back at the night sky while toasting marshmallows with your family. Although this sounds good, getting a stack of dry wood and having the patience to start the fire can take time and effort. Because of the nature of this type of fireplace, it needs to be surrounded by non-combustible materials like bricks to prevent a fire outbreak. You must also install a hearth to funnel the fumes away from your yard. They are a relatively cheap option but often require permits from your local council.

Electric Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Electric fireplaces use electricity to power a heating element, providing warmth to the surroundings. They are the cleanest option and attractive to anyone seeking a smart-home sequence vibe. They come in various shapes and sizes and can have multiple flame colors and ambiance, making them highly versatile. Electric fireplaces are becoming more commonly adopted because they do not release fumes into the environment and are not as much of a fire hazard as wood-burning fireplaces. They are also easy to maintain, and the heat provided can be controlled with just the touch of a button. If you are environmentally conscious and looking for an easy option to install and maintain, electric fireplaces should be your go-to option.

Gas Outdoor Fireplace

This option is perfect for those who have busy schedules and don’t have the space or time to set up wood-burning fireplaces but still want the same ambiance that traditional fireplaces provide. Gas fireplaces commonly use propane as fuel and are very easy to install, although electric fireplaces are more challenging. You don’t need complicated masonry to funnel the smoke, as they don’t produce fumes. While they also need to be surrounded by non-combustible material like wood-burning fireplaces, they are less of a fire hazard, and a properly constructed one will find it difficult to burn your patio. All you need for installation is a certified gas fitter to connect it to your gas supply.

Outdoor Fireplace With Grill

As a highly versatile option, combine a fireplace’s pleasure with a grill’s convenience. This option combines comfort with an excellent barbecue. Some fireplaces can double as pizza ovens and grills, making them perfect for any outdoor party. Grills can be any other option, meaning they can be gas, electric, or wood-burning.

Work with Anderson Fireplace

No matter what option you are looking for, there are different varieties to suit your needs, and you will need someone to set it up for you. At Anderson Fireplace, you can find any fireplace option you desire. Visit our Abington, MA showroom for the outdoor fireplace of your dreams.

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