Fireplace Installation Company in Easton, MA

At Anderson Fireplace, our team is excited to serve the town of Easton with our fireplace installation services. Easton is a town located in Bristol County, MA, that is located within the Greater Boston area. There are 24,000 residents in Easton and about 8,000 residents in town. The town was settled in 1694 and incorporated in 1725. One of the largest businesses in town was the Ames Shovel Works, which was owned by the Ames family, who developed most of early Easton. Oliver Ames, of the Easton family, eventually went on to be the Governor of Massachusetts.

Today, Easton is a beautiful community in the southern part of Massachusetts. Easton is home to Stonehill College and Borderland State Park, which help accentuate Easton’s natural beauty. There are so many beautiful neighborhoods throughout Easton; it’s a place that we’ve worked installed multiple projects throughout our history. A fireplace is one of the best ways to add ambiance and character to your home’s living room. Reach out to our team at Anderson Fireplace today if you’re an Easton resident interested in installing a new fireplace in your home. You can reach out to us over the phone at 800-472-1717 or through our online contact form

Gas Fireplace Installation in Easton, MA

One of the most popular types of gas fireplaces that are available to homeowners today are direct vent fireplaces because they’re supremely energy-efficient. In typical fireplaces, heat is lost through the flue pipe and escapes from your home, but direct vent options radiate heat back throughout your home, keeping it more comfortable and efficient.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation in Easton, MA

The most traditional and classic fireplace option that’s been used in American homes since there was an America is wood-burning fireplaces. They can be less efficient than other fireplace options, but zero-clearance options offer you more efficiency than a classic masonry chimney. Zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces give you a traditional look with modern efficiency improvements. Contact our team at Anderson Fireplace today to learn more about direct vent fireplaces.

Electric Fireplace Installation in Easton, MA

For homeowners where gas and wood-burning fireplaces aren’t an option, electric fireplaces are your way to go. They’re an excellent choice because you can shut them on and off quite easily, don’t require much space or equipment, and can be made to fit various shapes & sizes. Electric fireplaces will still offer you great warmth and comfort without major renovations to your home.

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Anderson Fireplace Showroom

We offer our whole range of fireplace installation services to the town of Easton, MA. Visiting our showroom can give you the best feel of what it’s like to add a fireplace to your home. Our showroom is located in Abington, MA and exhibits all of the options that our team offers. Contact our team today, we can be reached over the phone at 800-472-1717  or using our online contact form