Fireplace Installation Company in Weymouth, MA

At Anderson Fireplace, our team is glad to provide the city of Weymouth with our fireplace installation and repair services. Weymouth is a city located in Norfolk County that borders Quincy, Hingham, Braintree, and Abington. It’s the second oldest settlement in Massachusetts, only after Plymouth. Weymouth is known as being a great bedroom community for Boston professionals. It’s one of the most affordable suburbs on the south shore that still offers convenient commuting options into the city. Weymouth’s home to about 56,000 residents, the birthplace of president John Quincy Adams and a huge amount of recreation area; these are just a few reasons that it’s a great place to live. Contact our team at Anderson Fireplace to learn more about the services that we offer in Weymouth, MA.

Gas Fireplace Installation in Weymouth, MA

Gas fireplaces are one of the top choices for homeowners with natural gas hookups in their homes. It’s a tremendously efficient way to heat your home. And gas fireplaces can be easily turn on and off without much maintenance. Our team at Andeson Fireplace works with top brands in the industry like Napolean, Majestic, White Mountains Hearth, Town & Country, Valor & more. Most of the gas fireplaces that we install today are direct vent fireplaces. This system provides increased energy efficiency because it is an enclosed system that circulates the heat through the room rather than losing it through the chimney. Contact our team today to learn more about direct vent gas fireplaces. They can be installed in most homes without much remodeling. 

Electric Fireplace Installation in Weymouth, MA

Electric fireplaces are unique because they can be featured in homes almost universally. They’re incredibly safe and don’t require any maintenance. You don’t need a chimney to rid your home of smoke because there isn’t any with an electric fireplace. The options that we offer are from Dimplex and Modern Flame. These top-class options provide more control than efficiency than options at hardware and home improvement stores. 

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation in Weymouth, MA

Wood burning fireplaces create an ambiance in your home that can’t really be matched by other fireplaces. It’s the most classic fireplace option and still a hugely popular option today. Today, the difference is that there are tons of options for homeowners from our team at Anderson Fireplace. Zero clearance wood fireplaces are metal boxes with a cement brick on the inside. This safely contains the heat and connects seamlessly to the flue and through to your chimney. 

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At Anderson Fireplace, we offer a huge variety of fireplace options. Visit our showroom in Abington to see all of the fireplace options that we provide.

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