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Boston, Massachusetts, is a city located in New England and just a bit North of our Abington location of Anderson Fireplace. As one of the largest cities and the capital of Massachusetts, Boston has about 600,000 people living within city limits. This being said Boston is considered to reach a lot further than just city limits. This area is called the Greater Boston area and has up to 4.5 million people living there. With towns such as Braintree and Weymouth within these limits, we can see that our neighbors are very close to the city.

As a hub of New England, Boston is relatively central, even though it is on the coast. It is close to other major cities, such as Portsmouth, in New Hampshire, as well as Portland, Maine, and Worcester, Massachusetts, and can even be considered close to New York City in New York, even though this is slightly outside of New England. Our experienced technicians are trained and certified through manufacturer-sponsored programs and by the NFI. Our technicians are clean and courteous, and they’ll treat your home as if it was their own. Get started with us today.



Our Fireplaces in Boston, Massachusetts

As a city, Boston can have a few violent weather changes, and it is well known for it. During the summertime, it is very mild, maybe a little bit hot and humid, which can be very nice. The beaches can be beautiful, but Boston is a New England town, after all, which means there is a lot of snow. That being said, the winter isn’t the only time you can enjoy the fireplace. A beautiful gas outdoor fireplace can also be great for a nice summer evening. 

Anderson Fireplace has a wide variety of styles ranging from classic New-England-style to contemporary. Our newly renovated showroom located in Abington, MA, is filled with over 40 fully functioning fireplace displays, every one featuring its own marble and mantel surround. Our hope is that you will be able to walk freely about our showroom and imagine how each display may look in their home. Whether it is a gas fireplace, wood-burning logs, a marble surround, or gas inserts, each display shows a range of options that may appeal to you.

Our Fireplace Installation Services

We are the area’s premier company for full-service installation of direct-vent gas fireplaces. At Anderson Fireplace, we offer many different kinds of fireplaces & additional items, including the following:

At Anderson Fireplace, we offer the highest quality product and handle it with the uttermost care. With the high quality of craftsmanship, we have become a leader in the community, but overall, the biggest thing we focus on is ensuring that the client is ecstatic with the job we do. If you are interested in any of our fireplaces or products, contact us today or give us a call at 800-472-1717 for more information.