Fireplace Installation in Attleboro, MA

At Anderson Fireplace, we are thrilled to provide the homeowners in Attleboro, MA with our top fireplace installation services. Located close to the coastal line of RI, the winter months can result in higher heating costs and less efficiency, compared to other locations in MA. As the experts, we want to help you improve the comfort of your home in the winter months while giving you a cheaper and more efficient alternative to ordinary heating systems. If you’re a resident of Attleboro or any of our surrounding service areas and are in need of insulation to keep your home protected, our team at Anderson can help. Keep reading to learn more below.


Wood Burning Fireplaces in Attleboro, MA 

The classic wood-burning fireplace is one of our favorite options for Attleboro, MA. With the classic New England look, we offer homeowners a safe and less expensive way to enjoy the pleasures of a wood-burning stove. We offer our clients who are renovating or building a new home the option of a wood-burning fireplace without the hassle of a chimney. Our offerings of wood-burning options bring the joys of burning wood, without the hassle of building a masonry chimney. 


Gas Fireplaces in Attleboro, MA 

Another popular fireplace option we offer residents of Attleboro is Gas Fireplaces. Many of the gas fireplaces that we install are more efficient and much more convenient for many of our homeowners who choose this option. Gas fireplaces will bring an extra level of efficiency to our home. The heat it produces radiates throughout the room rather than escaping, which can occur with wood-burning fireplaces. Our team works with top gas fireplace manufacturers like Majestic & Valor to provide you with the best quality for your home. They can even be installed in wood-framed fireplace structures, so the transition is easy. Contact our team in Attleboro to learn more.


Electric Fireplaces in Attleboro, MA 

The last fireplace option that we offer to our clients located in the Attleboro, MA area is electric fireplaces. Our electric options bring a modern sleek look to your home. We offer two different types of electric fireplaces that will bring different looks to your home: Dimplex OptiFlame Series and Modern Flames. These fireplaces bring style to your home and will let you customize to match your style. With different background options and flame appearance, you can adjust this fireplace for your home. 

Electric Fireplace
Electric Fireplace
Gas Fireplace
wood burning fireplace
Wood Burning Fireplace


If you live in Attleboro or any of our surrounding communities, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 800.472.1717  or through our online contact form. We are happy to sit with you and discuss which would be the best option for your home!