Fireplace Installation in Barnstable, MA

At Anderson Fireplace, we are committed to bringing the best products to our homeowners throughout New England. Serving the coastal towns is important to us, as we know the winters can be especially difficult for those living close to the shore. We are thrilled to offer these services to our homeowners in Barnstable, MA who understand the difficulty of keeping their homes comfortable throughout the winter. With our gas, wood-burning, or electric fireplace options, we make it easy for you to pick the fireplace that will match your vision.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces in Barnstable, MA

Our top wood-burning fireplaces are designed for you to enjoy the classic feelings of wood-burning fireplaces without the aggravation of installing a masonry chimney. We are thrilled to provide our wood-burning fireplaces to the homeowners in Barnstable, MA looking to maintain the New England coastal feel of their home. Our zero clearance wood-burning stove gives you all the same feeling of a traditional wood-burning fireplace, but it is a much safer and less expensive way to integrate wood-burning into your home. 

Gas Fireplaces in Barnstable, MA

Another popular option we provide homeowners in Barnstable, MA is the installation of a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces are a much more efficient and convenient option for homeowners looking to save money and time. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, a gas fireplace in your home will radiate the heat throughout the room and eliminate any risk of heat escaping. Your home will stay comfortable through the unpredictable winters on the Cape Cod coast. 

Electric Fireplaces in Barnstable, MA


The Dimplex OptiFlame electric fireplace series is one of the most popular products in the world and is what Anderson Fireplace specializes in. With customizable features such as flame speed, background, and heat control, these electric fireplaces provide the most flexibility for your home. For a more modern and contemporary feel to your living room or outdoor seating area, electric fireplaces could be the best option for you. If you are unsure which option to pick, stop by our showroom to see what it looks like installed!

Electric Fireplace

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In addition to providing your home with wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplace installation, we also provide fireplace inserts, mantel design, and gas logs & doors installation. Our experts at Anderson Fireplace do it all! If you feel unprepared for the winter season, contact us today to start planning your fireplace!