Fireplace Installation in Natick, MA

Anderson Fireplace is one of the leading fireplace installation teams in Massachusetts, proudly serving the residents of Natick, MA, and beyond with our expert installation services. Natick is located just 20 miles outside of Boston and is a great urban yet suburban community. Whether you find yourself in the neighborhoods of South Natick or Natick Center, our dedicated team is ready to cater to all your fireplace installation needs, including electric, gas, and wood-burning. 

Gas Fireplace Installation in Natick, MA

Gas fireplaces are an ideal option for homeowners who may have pre-existing gas hookups. Gas fireplaces offer an efficient yet beautiful option, and direct-vent gas fireplaces can be seamlessly added to any home – whether you’re building, remodeling, or looking to enhance your space. Our skilled team at Anderson Fireplace collaborates with top industry manufacturers such as Napoleon, Majestic, White Mountains Hearth, Town & Country, Valor, and more. 

Electric Fireplaces in Natick, MA

For those who may not have the option for gas fireplaces, an electric fireplace is perfect for homeowners who prefer to avoid gas altogether. Electric fireplaces are versatile and a suitable choice for basically any home. They require minimal maintenance and offer a safe heating solution. We proudly offer the world-renowned Dimplex Optiflame series, which is known for its realistic flames and flexibility to match any style. Additionally, for a more modern option, explore our full line of Modern Falmes electric fireplaces. Contact us today to learn more about our options. 

Wood Burning Fireplace in Natick, MA

For those seeking the cozy ambiance of a traditional New England fireplace without the hassle of building a masonry chimney, our zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces are the perfect option. These feature metal boxes with a cement brick interior, ensuring the safe distribution of heat throughout your chimney flute. With a range of style combinations available, you’ll find the wood-burning fireplace of your dreams. Contact us today to let us help you find the perfect match for your home. 

Other Options at Anderson Fireplace

Fireplace Inserts: Tired of the mess associated with burning wood? Both wood inserts and direct-vent gas inserts are great options that require little renovations and help reduce home heating costs.

Gas Logs and Doors: Add style to your masonry fireplace with a new set of glass doors and vented gas logs. Because the damper must be fixed open, we highly encourage the inclusion of a glass door with a gas log setup.

Marble/Mantel Surrounds: Anderson Fireplace also provides a wide selection of wood and stone mantels from multiple manufacturers for you to choose from. 

Contact Anderson Fireplace in Natick, MA

Over the past years, Anderson Fireplace has been proud to complete numerous commercial and residential fireplace projects throughout the state of Massachusetts. Those looking to imagine our fireplace products in their home or office are advised to stop by our online gallery and showroom. Contact us today to get started planning your dream fireplace.