Fireplace Installation Needham, MA

Anderson Fireplace works throughout Eastern Massachusetts finding themselves in Norfolk County more than any area. With homeowners looking to upgrade their fireplace area, Anderson Fireplace has time after time been the company for them. 

Needham is a moderate sized town with around 31,000 people that call it home. Living in around just under 11,000 households, keeping up with the appearance and function of your home can be challenging at time. From the exterior to the interior, it’s important that you think about what a new fireplace can bring to a home.

 Our Showroom: 

As a Needham resident, we provide you with an awesome hands of way to see exactly what kind of fireplace could fit your home. Our state-of-the-art showroom has over 40 fully functioning fireplace displays, with each and every one sitting on a marble and mantel surround. What can you find at our showroom? What fireplaces are you interested in?

Our Fireplace Offerings: 

Each fireplace style has its own benefits for a homeowner. Whether you want a rustic wood burning fireplace that will crackle on Christmas Eve to a more simple and easy to use Electric Fireplace, we have a wide variety for you. 

If you live in Needham or any surrounding community and are interested in any fireplace services, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 800.472.1717  or through our online contact form. 

Photo Gallery: