Fireplace Installation in Newton MA

Anderson Fireplace is happy to provide the community of Newton Massachusetts with all of their fireplace services. Our expert team of fireplace technicians and installers will work with you from start to finish to help find the perfect type and model of fireplace and exactly how and where you want it to be placed in your house. 


Our Fireplace Options: 



One of the best options for homeowners interested in a new fireplace for their home is electric fireplaces. It’s a modern option that adds charm and comfort to your home with lower maintenance costs and higher efficiency. Our team at Anderson Fireplace utilizes fireplaces from the top manufacturers in the industry including Dimplex, Modern Flames, and more. We offer options that aren’t available at hardware stores, but sophisticated and well craft options that add to your space. Contact our team at Anderson Fireplace today to learn more about our electric fireplace options, and what we can do for you!



Another outstanding option for homeowners in Newton MA looking to upgrade is our direct-vent gas fireplaces. They offer style, ease of use as well as comforting heat to supplement your main heating source and lower your utility bills for the New England winters. Using a gas fireplace gives you the ability to customize your home. Our direct vent options can be installed in a wood frame structure and work to keep the heat in the room with the exhaust being sent outside through a pipe. For homes with natural gas, it’s the best option for a fireplace. Our team can even connect you with contractors if additional work on your home requires some remodeling. 



Our team at Anderson Fireplace offers wood-burning fireplaces with no chimney necessary for homeowners in Newton MA. These options don’t require a full masonry chimney but a refractory meral box containing the fire with a metal chimney carrying the exhaust safely away.  Our team has a huge showroom that has many different styles of wood-burning fireplaces with both contemporary and classic aesthetics. Contact our team to learn more about the wood-burning fireplaces we install.



We recommend that if you’re interested in getting a new fireplace, you come visit our showroom. Here you will find over 40 fully functioning fireplace displays, every one of them featuring its own marble and surround. Without seeing all these options, it can be very difficult to know exactly what you want. It’s our goal that each customer gets the fireplace of their dreams!

To gain inspiration for your new fireplace, you can also check out our completed projects. We work all throughout Massachusetts, so please enjoy some of our work. 

To learn more about our process and how we can help you get a new fireplace, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 800.472.1717 or through our online contact form.