Fireplace Installation Services in Salem, MA

Anderson Fireplace is happy to extend our fireplace installation services to the community of Salem, MA. Our team is dedicated to enhancing homes’ warmth and aesthetics through our fireplace installations. Whether you want the cozy ambiance of a direct-vent gas fireplace, the timeless charm of wood-burning fireplaces, or the convenience of electric fireplaces – our diverse offerings cater to whatever you want. Our experienced team ensures a seamless installation process.

If you live in or around Salem, MA, and want to elevate your home with a fireplace, we invite you to explore our installation services. Contact us today to get started on your journey to a cozier home.

Gas Fireplaces in Salem, MA:

Anderson Fireplace provides gas fireplace services to residents of Salem, MA. The benefit of direct-vent gas fireplaces is that they allow fireplaces to be efficient, with most of the heat radiating back into the room. We have teamed up with the best fireplace manufacturers in the industry, such as Napolean, Majestic, White Mountain Hearth, and many more. 

Installing direct-vent gas fireplaces is a straightforward means of elevating your home’s comfort. Our installation process requires minimal remodeling, and if additional construction is needed, our team will work to expedite any issues. 

Wood-Burning Fireplaces in Salem, MA: 

Anderson Fireplace’s zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace options offer various styles and are a secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional setups. Zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces bring the joy of having a wood-burning fireplace without the expenses. 

These fireplaces are metal boxes with refractory cement bricks inside, mimicking the appearance of a real wood-burning fireplace. Visit our showroom to explore these. 

Electric Fireplaces in Salem, MA: 

One of the most popular fireplace options nowadays, electric fireplaces deliver warmth and ambiance in an efficient, eco-friendly way. For those situations where gas is not as feasible, our electric fireplace options feature renowned brands such as the Dimplex Optiflame Series and Modern Flames

Some benefits of choosing an electric fireplace include easy maintenance, cost savings, and being more energy efficient than other options. These are both convenient and stunning options. Explore these by visiting our showroom. 

Fireplace Accessories at Anderson Fireplace

Fireplace Inserts: Wood and direct-vent gas inserts significantly reduce overall heating costs. Wood inserts give out a considerable amount of heat when used in a masonry fireplace while being very efficient and meeting EPA requirements. Gas fireplace inserts are also an efficient way to warm your home while providing a beautiful visual. 

Gas Logs & Doors: Gas fireplace logs are a great way to add style to your current masonry fireplace. These vented gas logs give the illusion of natural wood without dealing with the clean-up and maintenance. Gas logs do not wear down over time, giving you the same burn repeatedly. Glass doors are strongly encouraged with a gas log setup, and at Anderson Fireplace, these can be customized to the size of each fireplace. 

Marble/Mantel Surrounds: Marble and mantel surrounds are an excellent addition to any fireplace setup. A mantel is the crowning around a fireplace, making it the room’s focal point. These are both functional and can be a beautiful architectural addition to your home. Anderson Fireplace provides homeowners with a wide selection of wood and stone mantels from multiple manufacturers for you to choose from. 

Visit Our Fireplace Showroom in Abington, MA

We invite you to visit our Abington, MA, showroom to experience our range of fireplaces. We encourage you to see our products for consultations and a firsthand view. To inquire about our fireplace services in and around Salem, contact us today at 800-472-1717 or through our online form.