Fireplace Solutions for Small Spaces

November 23, 2022

Fireplaces sure have a style and glamour quotient for beautiful house décor. While most people would like to have a fireplace in their house, people having small spaces often feel restricted and constrained. 

However, one can still install a fireplace in a small living space without sacrificing elegance or comfort, despite what it may appear like. Here is a little demonstration of how simple it is to use all the advantages of a warm fire without giving up priceless square footage with the proper fireplace setting and a few pointers.

Corner Fireplace

Choose a corner model if you want a pleasant fireplace but don’t have a location. They look fantastic in living spaces and fit into 90-degree corners nicely. For added use, you may even get one that serves as a media console. Corner fireplaces are also beneficial in providing and offering warmth to all of your space. 

Media Console Fireplace

Media console fireplaces provide the advantages of both an entertainment console and an electric fireplace. They serve two purposes, making them ideal for little houses and apartments. In addition to offering a cozy fire and lovely ambiance, they have shelving for all your entertainment necessities and a flat top for a TV.

Electric Stove Fireplace

The old-fashioned stoves that needed a fireplace and burned wood are becoming obsolete. Electric stove fireplaces that are more efficient, portable, and simple to use are gradually replacing them as the new norm. These can be placed anywhere in your home because they don’t require nearly as much room or time to heat up. As innovation and technology are taking over, you would prefer to spend less time operating and maintaining a traditional fireplace. 

Wall Mounted Fireplace

Electric wall-mounted fireplaces are among the most compact solutions for tiny rooms because they don’t require floor space. These can be positioned anyplace in your house with an electrical outlet and supply electric heat. Wall-mounted fireplaces frequently provide any room with a refined touch while providing much-needed warmth and elegance.

Free-Standing Fireplace

Freestanding fireplaces can be installed nearly everywhere in your house because they usually burn gas, provided there is enough space between them and the walls and a hearth to protect your floors. No issue if no gas lines are placed where you want the fireplace! They can be readily installed by a qualified gasfitter, resulting in convenient and effective operation simultaneously. 

Contact Anderson Fireplace

Fireplaces surely enhance the elegance and décor of any house. If you have a small living space, the fireplace options mentioned above can significantly help you achieve your requirement and your desired décor look. If you are looking for a professional to install the best fireplace option for your small space, contact Anderson Fireplace for the most credible experience. 

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