Fireplaces for Power Outages

October 30, 2018

Electricity is one of the many things individuals take for granted on a daily basis. Modern life is so reliant on electricity it is often shocking to realize how different circumstances are without it. For homeowners, losing power can be a large problem if not properly prepared as it can lead to a massive drop in the temperature when another way of heating the home is not present.

Options to heat your home when its lost power include things such as battery powered space heaters. Although, nothing is as effective as a warm & cozy fireplace such as the one available from Anderson Fireplace

Fireplace Usage

Generating heat throughout a power outage is no problem if you own a wood-burning fireplace or stove as well as wood that is ready to burn. If you are the owner of a gas fireplace or stove that contains a standing pilot, it will actually light through the course of a power outage. This is due to the fact that is does not require electricity to activate. This is not true for all recent models made within recent years as many of these contain an energy-saving intermittent pilot ignition system that requires electricity to spark the pilot flame whenever the fireplace is used. Although, another recent evolution amongst these fireplaces are the backup battery systems included by several that will allow for ignition in scenarios where electricity is not available. When this happens, the fireplace will be radiation heat as opposed to pushing it out as the fan requires electricity to run. Professionals recommended removing any batteries once power is restored as the high temperatures produced by fireplaces can affect the lifespan of batteries.

Just as you would at any other time, it is important to follow tradition safety guidelines during an outage. Remember that the fireplace fives of tremendous heat and therefore any flammable object should be removed from the area and general vicinity of the fireplace. 

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