How Does a Propane Fireplace Work?

July 19, 2021

Having a fireplace in a home is nothing new. They’ve been used in some capacity for practically as long as people have been building homes! Fireplaces were originally used as the primary heat source in a home, while now they’re used as a secondary heat source with the HVAC system doing most of the work. A fireplace adds ambiance, class, and beauty to any space. Plus, the heat produced will make your home feel cozier than an HVAC system ever could! 

How Does it Work? 

Propane fireplaces are connected to a propane gas line and then turn on or off by flipping a switch. You can adjust the level of the flames using a knob and when you’re finished, just flip the switch so it turns off again. They’re the modern solution to annoying and inconvenient wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are an alternative option too, but they’re not able to produce the same type of flame and quality of heat as a wood-burning or propane fireplace, so it’s really no competition! 

Improved Safety

Wood burning fireplaces are dangerous. Even someone who’s used to using a wood-burning fireplace can forget to extinguish it completely and put the home at risk of a fire. Propane fireplaces are also much safer when it’s time to start the fire. Instead of kindling and lighting the fire by hand, you just turn the fireplace on. The less you have to get up close and personal with your fireplace to operate it, the safer it will be! The improved safety features that come with a propane fireplace also make it easier to use. You’ll spend more time relaxing by the fire and less time lighting, tending, and controlling it. 

Lower Carbon Footprint 

If the improved safety and functionality of a propane fireplace aren’t enough to convince you, the environmental impact definitely will be. Propane fireplaces produce 4000% fewer carbon emissions than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. That’s right, 4,000% less! It’s important for each household to do its part in lowering carbon emissions to slow global warming. Switching to a propane fireplace gives you the ability to be eco-conscious without missing out on the warmth or ambiance of a fireplace in the home. That’s a home improvement project you can truly feel good about! 

If you’d like to learn more about installing a propane fireplace in your home, contact Anderson Fireplace today! Our team is experienced and knowledgeable on modern fireplace options. We can work with your budget and your specific home to find the best modern fireplace for your family. Call today to schedule a consultation. Let us bring you one step closer to the fireplace of your dreams! 

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