How to Clean a Gas Fireplace

September 8, 2022

A gas fireplace is a great addition to your home and, with proper maintenance, can provide warmth and enjoyment to your family for a long while. Cleaning your fireplace can help it burn efficiently and lower the risk of carbon monoxide. Constant use of your fireplace can accumulate soot and blockage, leading to poor ventilation. This blog will go over the steps to properly clean your gas fireplace. 

What You Need: 


  • Glass cleaner
  • Cleaning rag
  • Warm water


  • Spray bottle
  • Hand broom
  • Cheesecloth
  • Vacuum with hose attachment

Steps to Clean Your Gas Fireplace

  1. Turn off the gas – make sure the gas valve is turned completely off to avoid any injuries. If you have recently used the fireplace, check to ensure the pilot light is out and wait until all components are cool before cleaning. 
  2. Disassemble the fireplace – remove the components of your fireplace for easier cleaning. Depending on your fireplace design, you may have glass doors or a metal screen, logs and a burner unit. 
  3. Clean up dust – use a hand broom to brush away dusts on each log or fireplace component. Use a vacuum to clean the dust from the rocks. Inspect each log or rock for any cracks or burn marks.
  4. Polish – polish your glass or metal doors. Cleaning your doors regularly will prevent them from becoming permanently etched. If you have a glass door, use a glass cleaner with a soft cloth to remove debris and film. If you have a metal screen, use the vacuum to remove dust. 
  5. Reassemble – once you are finished cleaning, reassemble your gas fireplace and enjoy! 

When Should You Call a Professional? 

Although learning to clean your own fireplace can save you money, it is best to know when is the right time to call a professional. If your fireplace has not been used in years or you buy a house with one installed, call a technician for an evaluation. A professional will inspect all the components of your fireplace along with the carbon monoxide detector. In these situations, it is best to be safe and invest in hiring a professional. 

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