How to Use Your Fireplace in the Spring

April 25, 2021

The chirping birds, blooming flowers, and green grass are announcing that Spring is here. However, there are places in the US that are still in the fireplace use period. The northern states and some other areas are experiencing chilly weather that compels people to keep burning wood or use stylish and contemporary fireplace systems.

Are you among those who still have a few more fires to burn before putting down the fireplace for the rest of the year? Well, this blog post can help you with how to use your fireplace this spring.

A Few Techniques

Top-Down Burning Method

Do you place your burning wood in a classical bonfire fashion and let the kindles or paper burn under it? Letting the wood stack gradually heat up and produce smokes in an upward fashion is not as efficient as it was before. In fact, the smokes are considerably higher than other methods.

So, let’s try this. Place the heavy logs at the base, place the lighter ones up, and finally, light up the newspapers or the kindles on top of the stack. This top-down burning method will be less smoky and more efficient.

Air Vents

Does your fireplace have air inlets (chimneys) and air vents nearby? Then consider their impact on the fireplace. Opening up an air vent will increase the oxygen flow that will burn the flame brighter and hotter while the opposite is also possible.

Control the Temperature

It is critical to use the fireplace according to the daily weather and temperature. You don’t want to keep opening and closing the windows to let the temperature cool down because you burn too much wood. In such a case, you have to work with a little amount of wood if the weather is mild. However, if it rains, feel free to add to the stack.

Fire Size

Controlling the fire size is relatively easy. Try to stack the wood loosely before burning for a hot yet small fire. Do the opposite for a larger fire. On the other hand, as springtime brings warm and comfy weather, there won’t really be any need for large fires. So, keep the ash level to a minimum and clean the fireplace regularly or at least after every use.

During Spring and Summertime

Well, as the weather gets warmer, it is best to complete a full cleanup of the entire fireplace structure to ensure that its lifespan is not threatened. Consequently, you can close off the damper until further use.

Closing the damper ensures protection against water leakages, birds, and animals. In fact, it also improves energy efficiency by preventing AC’s cool air from escaping and stopping outside’s hot air from entering your home.


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