Looking to lower your heating costs this winter?

December 7, 2012

Anderson Fireplace has the perfect solution to help lower your gas or electric bills this winter with a great fireplace insert for your home. Stop in at the Anderson Show Room located at 720 Brockton Avenue in Abington Ma. Here you will find a wide selection of gas & wood burning fireplaces, fireplace inserts, electric fireplaces, and gas and log doors. Our Show room is designed to provide you with the feeling of standing in your own home. Located within our custom show room is a design room where you can pick out the marble surround for your fireplace this winter.

Want to increase efficiency while lowering your heating bill?  A Gas Fireplace insert is a great solution. Unlike wood burning fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts offer a sealed combustion system. A Sealed combustion system means the 100% of the air needed for the fireplace comes from a vent pipe from outside your home. Simply put, this system eliminates the loss of heat that is common with a traditional chimney system. Up to 85% of the heat that is generated from your gas insert stays in the house, producing a warmer and more cost efficient home.

Contact us today to learn more about the fireplaces offered at our Abington Showroom.

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