Myths About Electric Fireplaces

December 29, 2022

When the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is electric, does it still count as delightful? There are many myths about electric fireplaces. Truthfully, the benefits of an electric fireplace may outweigh those of a traditional fireplace. Consider the facts about electric fireplaces before solidifying your opinion. 

Electric fireplace ablaze

The Fire is Simply an Image

Many dislike the idea that the electric fireplace is just an image of fire on a screen. While this is true to some extent, there is far more to an electric fireplace than the imagery. You can change the image to fit any aesthetic you desire. You have control, from the type of wood to the color of the flames. 

It is essential to realize that an electric fireplace is more than the video you might put on your television screen. Electric fireplaces can heat a room and provide the mood you’re seeking.  

Not Environmentally Conscious

Yes, an electric fireplace uses electricity. However, it does not produce carbon monoxide like a traditional fire or consumes fuel. An electric fireplace is a more sustainable fireplace option than most others. 

Not Aesthetically Pleasing

Some people prefer the aesthetic of real wood burning and stacked by the fireplace. They also worry about the cords required to run the unit. Fortunately, modern-day electric fireplaces include discreet cord placement and beautiful aesthetic themes. You can modify your electric fireplace to fit your space. 

Unfixable When Broken

No one wants to have an unusable fireplace in their home. When an electric fireplace breaks, are you required to replace it? No! There are many professionals trained in electric fireplace repairs. In fact, the maintenance is even less than that of a traditional fireplace. 

Inefficient and Lacking Heat

An inefficient electric fireplace could result in an extreme utility bill. While an electric unit will increase your usage, it is typically more efficient than alternative fireplaces. When you think of a traditional fireplace, it requires ventilation to let the smoke out. An electric fireplace has no smoke, so the heat is better retained. 

Electric fireplaces are typically enough to heat an average-sized room. Although traditional fireplaces are far hotter than an electric unit, the electric version includes fans that distribute the heat more evenly. As an added benefit, the electric fireplace is not a threat to children or animal safety. 

Get Electric Fireplace Help

Are you looking to get an electric fireplace? Or do you require assistance with your existing electric fireplace? If so, it is best to go with a reputable and knowledgeable professional. Anderson Fireplace is the professional you want for your electric fireplace needs. Whether you require repairs or have chosen an electric fireplace for your home, Anderson Fireplace can solve your problems.

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