Fireplace Installation Company in Pembroke, MA

Our team at Anderson Fireplace is proud to serve the town of Pembroke with our top-rated fireplace services. Pembroke is a town in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, that is known as a beautiful South Shore suburb that is also close to Cape Cod. It’s known as a historic community that was once known for its shipbuilding prowess. Pembroke is considered one of the best towns to live in Massachusetts. It’s located along Route 3 and home to beautiful natural land and homes. We love helping Pembroke residents make their homes more comfortable with our fireplace services. Contact us today to learn more. 

Gas Fireplace Installation in Pembroke, MA

Gas fireplaces are one of the best options for homeowners interested in heating their home efficiently and making it more comfortable. Our experience has led us to find the best gas fireplace, manufacturers. We work with Napolean, Majestic, White Mountains Hearth & more. Many of the gas fireplaces that we install are of the direct vent variety. 

Direct vent fireplaces can be easily installed without the need for a traditional masonry chimney. This type actually radiates heat back into the home rather than it being lost through the chimney. They are the best options for homeowners who are interested in a wood-burning fireplace. Contact our team at Anderson Fireplace today to learn more about our wood-burning fireplace services in Pembroke. 

Electric Fireplace Installation in Pembroke, MA

Gas fireplaces aren’t an option for all homeowners, sometimes electric fireplaces are the ideal option for some. Electric fireplaces can be installed in any home and have a huge range of benefits of their own. Electric fireplaces can be turned off or on in an instant. They come in some of the most stylish and impressive options that our team offers. We offer electric fireplaces from Modern Flames and Dimplex. These options even let customization go further, allowing you to adjust flame height, speed, and more. Contact our team at Anderson Fireplace today to learn more about electric fireplace installation in Pembroke. 

Wood Burning Fireplace Installation in Pembroke, MA

Wood burning fireplaces have come a long way since the 20th century. Our team at Anderson offers our clients zero clearance wood-burning fireplaces that don’t require a bulky chimney. This type of fireplace is a different type of fireplace. It essentially is a metal box with a refractory brick that mimics a traditional fireplace. A metal chimney runs vertically through the wooden chase and safely out of your home. It’s still a great way to add ambiance and supplement your home with heat. Contact Anderson Fireplace today to learn more about wood burning fireplace installation in Pembroke. 

Additional Services

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Contact Anderson Fireplace in Pembroke for all of your fireplace needs. We work hard to fit the needs of each homeowner and find the perfect solution for each.