Reasons to Replace Your Space Heater with an Electric Fireplace

December 23, 2020

Anyone who’s used a space heater knows that they’re not great, but they’re commonly thought of as the best option for convenient heating in your home. Electric fireplaces have been rising in popularity over recent years, and there’s good reasons why! If you’re still using an unsightly space heater in your home, check out these reasons why switching to an electric fireplace is a smart and sensible move. 

Improve the Ambiance of Your Home 

Space heaters aren’t nice to look at, and they definitely don’t add any visual appeal to a space. In fact, they actually take away from the ambiance in any space that they’re used. Wouldn’t a soothing fireplace be better to look at as you sit inside watching holiday movies and spending time with loved ones? An electric fireplace provides the romantic and cozy ambiance that you’d find with a traditional fireplace, without the actual fire hazard. 

Saving Money 

Electric fireplaces are reasonably priced for how long they last and the value they add to the space. Other heating options are notorious for needing repairs, running up utility bills, and lots of other costly flaws. Electric fireplaces are designed to provide a good amount of heat while being very energy efficient and only impacting your electric bill a small amount. 

Low Maintenance, High Convenience 

A traditional fireplace, space heater, or other home heating option is bound to require maintenance each year. Space heaters are especially inconvenient since you have to find it in your basement or attic each winter, bring it into the living room, and then constantly adjust the settings to get your desired temperature. An electric fireplace can be kept under the mantle all year round since it isn’t a big eyesore in the space. Some electric fireplaces even have a thermostat, so the temperature settings are self-adjusting! 

A Safer Heating Option 

Space heaters are a serious safety hazard for kids and pets. Falling into a space heater can cause serious burns and require a trip to the emergency room. Electric fireplaces are totally safe for both kids and pets to be around. You can enjoy a warm and cozy home, without worrying about the safety of those you love the most! 

If all of these reasons aren’t enough to convince you that an electric fireplace is better than a space heater, there’s one more major perk – an electric fireplace increases the overall value of your home. That’s right, the fireplace that’s so beneficial to you now, will continue to be beneficial if you ever decide to sell your home! Between energy efficiency and added home value, there’s no question that an electric fireplace is worth the investment. 

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