Refreshing Ideas for Your Mantle

November 15, 2018

Many individuals consider their fireplace as more of a functional part of their home rather than an artistic part. Although, those who know how to take advantage of this space can have it act as both. Fireplaces not only provide homes with exceptional warmth throughout the winter months but they also provide homeowners with a canvas in which they can create an appealing presentation for all who visit. The way to go about doing this is by making the most of your fireplaces mantle. By giving your mantle a facelift your fireplace goes from a simple heating system to a functional work of art that is pleasing to look at. There are a variety of ways in which those who posses a fireplace can go about refreshing their fireplaces mantle from the inclusion of different items to the use of varying styles.

Mantle Items

Before deciding how you want to style your mantle, it is important to have a firm understanding of what sort of items you’ll be using to decorate. There are many items that are commonly used in order to enhance a fireplace’s appearance. These items range from glass dishes, flowers, mirrors, television, and more.

Mantle Styles

Once you have decided what items you wish to include in your display, it is time to decide how you wish to arrange them. This part is just as, if not more, important than the previous due to the fact that the presentation of these items can make or break your fireplace’s mantle display. One of the most basic presentation styles is a symmetric style that takes advantage of either side of your fireplace. This can be a visibly pleasing arrangement for any fireplace although it requires a duplicate of most decorations to feature on either side of the fireplace. Another style that accompanies fireplace mantles well is that of multiple rounds. Using varying rounds such as circular mirrors, dishes, vases, etc. can create a pleasing sense of reputation while contrasting the sharp edges found on most fireplaces. Finally, a minimalistic look can be what individuals who aren’t too keen on decorating lean towards. By accenting your fireplace mantle with one or two simple decorations it can quickly evolve into the showpiece you’ve been looking for.

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