Fireplace Installation Company in Rockland, MA

At Anderson Fireplace, our team is proud to serve the town of Rockland, MA with our fireplace installation, repair & replacement services. We are the leading fireplace professionals in Plymouth County. Rockland is a community that was named for its rocky geography which led to more mills and industry than it did agriculture. It’s a historic community that is home to about 18,000 residents today and has become somewhat of a hub for local artists. Rockland is the hometown of skateboarding legend PJ Ladd as well, which has helped bring other artists to the area. If you’re a Rockland resident in need of insulation to keep your home protected, our team at Anderson can help. Keep reading to learn more below.

Wood Burning Fireplaces in Rockland, MA

For centuries, wood-burning fireplaces in some shape or form have helped homeowners make their homes more comfortable. Today, you don’t need an expensive masonry chimney to have a wood-burning fireplace. The zero clearance options that we offer at Anderson Fireplace are a much safer option that takes up less space while still offering all the best qualities of a wood-burning fireplace. We offer a diverse range of options so the fireplace can fit your home and lifestyle. Contact us in Rockland today to learn more about the fireplace services we offer in Rockland, MA.

Gas Fireplaces in Rockland, MA

Another popular fireplace option for Rockland residents is gas fireplaces. They offer convenience and can be installed easily if you already have gas in your home. Many of the gas fireplaces that we install are direct vents, meaning that they are more efficient. They offer a glass casing that directs the heat back into your home through exhaust rather than losing it through the chimney. Our team works with top gas fireplace manufacturers like Napoleon, Majestic & more. They can even be installed in wood-framed fireplace structures, so the transition is easy. Contact our team in Rockland, MA to learn more.

Electric Fireplaces in Rockland, MA

Another great fireplace option that we offer in Rockland is electric fireplaces. They are a modern option that is highly sought after for their high tech and convenience. You can adjust the flame speed, color and temperature, and more with electric fireplace options. Our team offers options that aren’t available at department and hardware stores, our installations fit seamlessly into a room and create a comfortable and cohesive living space. Contact us in Rockland today to learn more about our electric fireplace installations. 

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At Anderson Fireplace, we cover all things fireplace. We’re your #1 source for installing a fireplace into your home. We can answer any question that you have and ensure that you find the right option for your home. Contact us today for more information about our services in Rockland, MA.