Fireplace Installation Company in Scituate, MA

Our team at Anderson Fireplace is proud to provide the coastal town of Scituate with our fireplace installation and repair services. Scituate is a south shore county town located in Plymouth County. The town was largely built on the back of the fishing industry. Scituate is mostly residential today but still shows odes to the fishing industry. Residents today still love to enjoy the coast and all of the activities that come along with it. Contact our team at Anderson Fireplace today if you’re a Scituate resident interested in our fireplace services. 

Electric Fireplaces in Scituate, MA

If you’re interested in adding a fireplace to your home but don’t have a chimney or gas utility, the electric fireplace is the best option for you. Electric fireplaces of today are so advanced and incredibly able to mimic authentic burning fireplaces. This fireplace type gives you so much control over flame speed and size and even allows you to heat up the room. 

Our team at Anderson works with Modern Flames, Dimplex, and more because they offer top of the line electric fireplaces. Contact our team today to have a new electric fireplace installed in your Scituate home. 

Gas Fireplaces in Scituate, MA

One of our top fireplace options is the direct vent gas fireplace. It’s a safe and tremendous option that doesn’t require a full masonry chimney. The double-walled went system in direct vent fireplaces allows them to be more efficient as well, being able to take in and release air at the same time. They’re the gas fireplace that our team recommends. We offer beautiful gas logs to help make your fireplace look the part as well. They don’t wear out and mimic a wood-burning fireplace well. 

Wood Burning Fireplaces in Scituate, MA

Wood burning fireplaces have come a long way since their inception. They have evolved greatly to no longer requiring a full chimney. Zero clearance fireplaces only need a small metal chimney running out of your home. It’s the less costly way to burn wood in your home. If you decide on an open hearth, you won’t be adding much heat to your home, but it will add beautiful character and ambiance. Wood burning fireplaces aren’t the most efficient options, but they’re the most classic option for adding a traditional look to a den or living room. Contact Anderson Fireplace today to learn more about our gas fireplace services in Scituate. 

If you’re interested in adding a fireplace to your home, consider Anderson Fireplace. We’re the leaders in Massachusetts in fireplace installation and services. Call us at 1 800-472-1717 to get started.