Spring Cleaning & Your Fireplace

April 17, 2018

Ever had a weekend where you had a complete overhaul of your home? Was it during spring cleaning season? Spring cleaning is a time at the beginning or middle of spring, where many individuals purge their closets and clean their entire home from top to bottom. But did you know that you should also be cleaning your fireplace as well? If you are planning on cleaning your whole home, why not clean your fireplace as well? There are many benefits of cleaning your fireplace. Let’s look at some of these benefits and how they can positively affect your life today.

Health Benefits

When the home and environment is clean and clutter free, it can have quite a bit of health benefit. It can reduce stress, which can come from having to look at the sordid space, or can also come from the fear of getting sick, etc. Similarly, if your fireplace is smoking, you will know that there are air pollutants, which can cause issues such as breathing quality, and other, more severe consequences. Getting a nice cleaning or cleaning your fireplace yourself will allow no health problems.


When you clean your fireplace, you may discover that your fireplace has a tiny bit of damage. Similarly, if you get your fireplace cleaned, whoever is cleaning it may find that there is a bit of damage. This damage may be small or large, but it is better to have caught it early than to have massive work that needs to be done. This can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


To clean a fireplace may seem quite daunting, or even expensive, but you can actually do it very simply and get great results. By mixing together water and vinegar, you can get a solution that is organic and will not cause harm to anyone in your home.

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