Summer Fireplace Maintenance Tips

May 22, 2023

Summer is an excellent time for fireplace maintenance in preparation for the cold days of winter. Summer is the best time for fireplace maintenance because it is characterized mainly by dry, sunny days as opposed to the rainy days of fall or spring and cold snowing days of winter. So, what should you pay attention to for your summer fireplace maintenance?


Schedule a fireplace inspection.

A poorly maintained fireplace is a severe safety hazard, and you risk starting a house fire or getting carbon monoxide poisoning without proper maintenance. Therefore, before jumping into the care of the fireplace and chimney, you should schedule an inspection. The examination aims to identify what issues exist with your fireplace and what you need for the repair and maintenance process. The dry summer weather makes the inspection more manageable and thorough to avoid missing any potential hazards, so you should schedule the examination on the first chance.


Schedule any fireplace repairs.

Often, there aren’t any serious concerns to address after the inspection. That said, after the examination, you should still schedule your fireplace for repair and maintenance, ideally conducted by professionals. You want to get ahead of the minor issues before they become more complicated problems further down the road, especially since seasonal weather changes may make the repairs more difficult later.


Arrange for a deep clean.

Ashes, creosote, and other deposits that accumulate in your fireplace through time affect the durability and lifespan of your fireplace and the air quality in your home. Summer is an excellent time to clean your fireplace. Essential tools such as a shovel to remove the ash and other deposits and home cleaning tools and solutions can be used to clean the fireplace, and the process is relatively easy. It would be best if you didn’t use a vacuum unless it is designed to clean the fireplace. That said, you can call in the professionals if you are uncertain about how best to proceed. That is especially so for gas fireplaces if you are unsure what the parts are and where they go.


Close the damper.

On hot summer days, you usually crank up the AC, and that process is made difficult if you leave your chimney damper open. An open damper means the cooler air escapes the house, increasing your energy consumption since the AC will have to work harder and longer to cool the home. Besides leaving your damper open, dirt accumulates from the outside. Check if your damper is open and close it.


Contact Anderson Fireplace Today

Although it is an outstanding achievement if you can DIY for the entire procedure, unless you’re 100%, you should still call in the professionals where you are uncertain. Don’t risk damaging your fireplace or doing incomplete work to save on costs. If you are in need of fireplace maintenance before the hot weather arrives,  contact Anderson Fireplace today to get started with our team of experts.

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