~Mary Sokol (July 2008)

October 12, 2012

To the Manager and/or Owner at Anderson Fireplace:

I was very impressed with the Jeff Bates knows his work. He capped off the chimney without a hitch. He had to cut through the metal in the fireplace (which he cleaned several times) to allow the insert to fit – which it definitely did. After learning my fireplace had an electrical blower unit, he cut a hole so the cord could go through and be plugged in without showing. Then he lastly used black spray paint to give a cleaner finish around the Dimplex insert. I am 100% pleased! I have already told several neighbors about it and have invited them to drop and and see it. Don’t be surprised if you get more calls and customers because of Jeff’s outstanding work! He is a hard working employee and a definite asset to Anderson! 

P.S. my puppy loved him!

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