The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

February 1, 2024

During winter, all you want is to run up the fireplace and warm your hands and feet as warm as possible. But a traditional fireplace might take long enough for the hot chocolate to get cold and your toes to freeze off! 

This is where a gas fireplace comes in, giving you instant warmth under the fireplace, along with other benefits that we will discuss in this blog. Let’s dive in! 

Gas Fireplace and Its Advantages 

Having a gas fireplace at home is no less than a blessing as it offers you a myriad of advantages, such as:

Requires Less Maintenance 

One of the best parts about a gas fireplace is that it demands less maintenance. Neither does it throw out or produce ashes and sparks, which is often witnessed in the case of a wood fireplace. A wooden fireplace leaves ashes and remains of wood behind, which you must clean up regularly. Despite having the ideal gas fireplace, the National Fire Protection Association recommends calling a certified chimney sweep for all chimneys and fireplaces and doing a routine inspection to ensure that the fireplace works fine. 

Saves Money 

In the beginning, the installation process of the gas fireplace may require you to invest a big chunk of your money. But look at the brighter side of the story: after the initial installation, you will save time, energy, and money in the future. How? It’s a one-time expenditure. You won’t have to buy expensive wood daily to heat the fireplace; therefore, the annual operational cost will automatically be deducted from your bill. Moreover, there will be no dealing with unpleasant odors of burnt wood from the chimney.

It’s Comfortable and Safe 

The wood-burning fireplace is lit open in the pit, making it unsafe and uncomfortable for the ones sitting around it, especially children. The case is the opposite of the gas fireplace as everything burns behind the glass screen, which is there to avoid any accidents. The screen acts like a barrier and protection for the ones sitting in the room. Even if children are present, there is nothing to worry about. Plus, you can always use the customized remote to put out the fire instead of going to the fireplace and putting out the flames. A gas fireplace is a comfortable and safe option for toddlers or pets. 

Welcome Convenience To Reside In Your Home 

A gas fireplace is super convenient. There is a requirement for firewood finishes with the gas fireplace. You will need to invest in a liquid propane-fueled fireplace or a natural gas one, where you will get a remote to operate. Just hit the button on the remote and see the fire lit up on the other side. 

Work with Anderson Fireplace 

If you are exhausted from cleaning the mess of the wooden fireplace and want to make things easy for yourselves by getting a gas fireplace, then contact our team at Anderson Fireplace to help you out.

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