Tips for Buying a Fireplace Surround

August 24, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the mantles and fireplace surrounds that are decorative and highly attractive. These surround the actual fireplace in the room. The range of styles that comes with every type and material of fireplace surround and mantle is simply artistic. The love of contemporary and modern house designs and finishes compels people to go for fireplace surrounds. The cast iron and other metal mantles add a mesmerizing touch to the real fireplace in the room.

Size of the Fire Surround

The first factor to consider includes the size of the fire surround. The size will determine how the fireplace will look from a close and distant view. Some people choose lighter and smaller mantles, while others prefer relatively large ones. Make sure that you check the size of your chimney breast since this is what will make the fireplace efficient.

Choice of Material

There is an extensive range of materials when it comes to fireplace surrounds. Some of the main fire surround materials include cast iron, limestone, marble, and wood. These are the most sought-after and trendy options to choose from when deciding what kind of material surrounds your fireplace. You can get in touch with a professional to help you pick the best mantle or fireplace surround for your fireplace.

Position of Your Fireplace in Your Room

Furthermore, before you choose the fireplace surround, take a look at where the fireplace is or will be. Notably, not having a central heating system compels most people to have the fireplace in the middle of the dining and living areas. It creates a vivid focal point of attraction in the house and creates a warm space for occupants. Similarly, if the house is a contemporary open space, the fireplace surrounds can keep at the room’s entrance.

Safety Aspects

You have to make sure that the material that you choose doesn’t easily burn. Of course, choosing wood would raise suspicions for you if you don’t have adequate knowledge regarding it. You have to make sure that there aren’t any fire-hazards near the fireplace before you place the fireplace surrounds.


No matter what kind of fireplace and mantel you wish for, choosing the right professionals will help deal with any complications. You can contact Anderson Fireplace to learn more and take guidance from experienced individuals. We meet with our clients to learn what they want to have as their fireplace surrounds. Following that, we intend to choose the right material, the right size, the right style, and the most appropriate design to suit your fireplace.

Call us at 800-472-1717 to acquire our professional services in choosing the right fireplace surrounds and mantles. 

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