Tips for Maintaining a Wood-Burning Fireplace

April 3, 2023

A wood-burning fireplace is often a great way to enjoy a more traditional heating experience during the winter months. Manywood burning fireplace
homeowners prefer wood-burning because of that conventional fireplace element and how the smoke of real wood smells. That said, knowing how to maintain, repair, and upkeep your wood-burning fireplace is extremely important. This article will discuss some of the top ways to ensure your wood-burning fireplace is taken care of. 

Install Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms 

First and foremost, let’s discuss safety. To keep you and your family safe, it is recommended that you have the proper safety systems in place at your home. A clogged chimney or vent could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. It is crucial to have the appropriate safety equipment installed, especially near rooms that have these fireplaces. 

Clean Your Wood Burning Fireplace Regularly

A wood-burning fireplace produces a lot of ash and debris. Ashes will not only make your wood-burning fireplace look bad but will also decrease the efficiency of your fireplace. After a fire is put out and the fireplace cools, remove the ash and other debris. That ash can actually be beneficial for gardening. Ashes provide nutrients and can be sprinkled on gardens to improve plant life. 

Clean Creosote & Soot Buildup

Soot and creosote are byproducts of burning wood, especially wood that isn’t fully dry. You will notice black stains above the fire on the walls and in your chimney. Left uncleaned, this can lead to blockages and fires. A chimney cleaner can remove soot for you. It is recommended that every homeowner has their chimney inspected and cleaned at least once per year. A better recommendation is to have an inspection directly before your first fire or after your final fire of the year. This can remove soot buildup after winter or before you start burning wood in the winter. Late fall or early spring is a great time to hire a chimney inspection. 

Use The Right Wood For Your Fireplace

As mentioned before, wet wood can lead to lots of problems. Ensure you buy the right wood, store it, and burn it correctly. Lighting fires with the wrong type of wood or with wood you just brought from the shed outside that is water-logged will lead to steam and moisture in your fire that can lead to a dirty chimney. 

Fireplace Maintenance & Installation

If you need help with your home’s fireplace, including repairs, inspections, maintenance, or replacement, call Anderson Fireplace. We would be happy to help with your fireplace needs.

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