Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces With an Electric Fireplace

April 1, 2024

Springtime is here once again, and it’s only appropriate to kick back, relax, and enjoy some time outside the house, alone or with your loved ones. After all, who wants to miss the beauty of spring by staying indoors all day, getting your things, having some cool drinks, and enjoying the great outdoors? But apart from a relaxing beer and a tasty barbecue, a fireplace is missing to complete the aesthetics of a comfy life. It might sound surprising to you, but aren’t fireplaces used indoors to warm up the living rooms during cold weather? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be for that particular scenario; it can be for much more. Fireplaces can be used outdoors.

To that excellent effect, they project a comfy environment mainly when utilized at night. Still, the issue with these outdoor fireplaces is that they are difficult to install and can pollute the environment. Electric fireplaces have come into use to rectify that. An Electric Fireplace uses electricity to emulate a traditional fireplace’s heating and lighting effect; sounds impressive, right? And that is why we present reasons and how to upgrade your outdoor spaces with an electric fireplace.

Reasons To Get An Electric Fireplace

It Is Easy To Install And Maintain

All you need for an electric fireplace is an above 100-volt connection and a dedicated circuit so that it doesn’t interfere with the electricity in the home. Unlike a traditional fireplace, this requires a dedicated section and a small chimney. Most conventional outdoor gas-powered fireplaces require a gas line to many propane tanks that must be refueled. In contrast, wood-powered fireplaces require a constant source of firewood, unlike electric fireplaces that need to be plugged in.

Flexible Heating

Unlike an electric fireplace, when a gas or wood fireplace starts burning, it becomes difficult to control the heat level. Although there is some ability to control the amount of wood or gas utilized, their heat limit must be lowered. This means the lecture fireplaces can produce lower temperature heat than traditional ones. In the world, you can enjoy the flames during summer with the heat.

It Improves The Outdoor Aesthetics

There’s just something majestic and aesthetically pleasing about a fireplace. The charm it invokes may remind you of those large mansions during the 19th century. Whatever it is, it does wonders for outdoor spaces, but electric fireplaces are even more pleasing because they have various varieties of flames one can select from. Just imagine setting the mood for your small family dinner in the backyard by turning the fire purple—magnificent, right?

A Comfy Place For Relaxation Without Smoke

Fireplaces are great for relaxation, but you can’t relax if you have to keep on worrying about inhaling smoke. Although indoor and outdoor traditional fireplaces have a means of evacuating the smoke via a chimney, it is still inevitable that some of it will escape into where you are resting. This will destroy any chance of getting cozy, but electric fireplaces, on the other hand, lack any of this smoke. Why? Because they do not burn any fuel and are completely clean, meaning you can enjoy the warm, cozy heat without the accompanying smoke.

It Is Good For The Environment

Unlike the gas and wood variants, electric fireplaces do not produce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, which is perfect for the environment. We are responsible for being conscious of how our activities harm the environment or contribute to climate change and finding ways to reduce or curb them completely. Electric fireplaces allow you to do just that while still living comfortably.

Work With Anderson Fireplace

It’s easy to install and good for the environment—what’s not to like? So consider upgrading your outdoor spaces with an electric fireplace today. You won’t regret it.

For help purchasing and installing an electric fireplace, consider hiring our services at Anderson Fireplace, serving residents in Massachusetts.

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