What Type of Fireplace is Right for Your Home

September 27, 2021

With the winter months approaching fast, it is time to start thinking about your homes heating systems, and how to get the most out of your heat bill. At Anderson Fireplace, we provide our homeowners with an array of products to select from. Each product, including our low-maintenance wood-burning fireplaces, has different benefits that can improve the comfort of your home throughout the winter! 

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Direct-vent Gas Fireplace

A direct-vent gas fireplace brings 3 great qualities to your home: efficiency, safety, and versatility. If you don’t use a direct-vent gas fireplace, the heat can escape through various exit points in your home – including your chimney. The difference between direct-vent is that they take air from the outdoors rather than indoors for combustion, maximizing the warm air spreading through your home. One of the best reasons to use a direct-vent gas fireplace is because it is much safer for your home, compared to traditional options. Gas fireplaces are completely sealed off from the interior rooms which greatly reduces heat loss. On top of this, a direct-vent gas fireplace can be put anywhere in your home, therefore increasing the customization options. 


Electric Fireplace

The desire to have a fireplace in your home can be crushed by things such as cost, maintenance, and even leasing problems. Electric fireplaces add the same bonus as regular fireplaces, but with fewer maintenance costs and easier installation. Choosing an electric fireplace gives you an array of design options, lower maintenance costs, no fumes, and most importantly they are safe for those who may have pets and/or children and worry about the harm of real wood-burning fireplaces. Contact us today to start exploring your fireplace options and to talk about which is best for you! 


Wood-burning Fireplace

Having a wood-burning fireplace in your home can help to create that cozy feeling that everyone craves in the winter months. Having a wood-burning fireplace in your home can create a natural focal point and will greatly increase the comfort of your home. Some benefits that come from using a wood-burning fireplace include heating during power outages – which can come at unexpected times in New England. Additionally, it can raise the value of your home and result in cheaper utility bills in the colder months. Other, smaller benefits that come from wood-burning fireplaces include the pleasant aroma it brings to your home, low maintenance, and the beautiful natural lighting that it brings to your home. 


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Choosing the right fireplace for your home can seem like a daunting task, but with our help, it doesn’t have to be! Our team of experts is on-call ready to take any of your questions and concerns in regards to installing a fireplace and which one will work best for your home. Contact our team today!

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