Why Isn’t My Gas Fireplace Working?

May 28, 2020

Gas fireplaces are one of the best additions that you can make to your home. They add a great deal of warmth to your home and a feeling of ambiance that can’t be mimicked without a fireplace. They’re such a tremendous addition to a home, and because gas is used in so many homes, it is a fairly simple installation. But, like with anything else, issues with gas fireplaces can arise. Below are some of the most common issues that arise with gas fireplaces.

The Gas Isn’t Turned on Properly

It may sound silly, but making sure that your gas is turned on properly is the first step in testing out your fireplace. You don’t want to make an issue where one doesn’t exist. Birds and other pests can nest inside tubing in the summer when you aren’t using it and clog the gas flow. 

Pilot Light Problems

As with pretty much every gas-powered appliance, your fireplace has a pilot light. The pilot light is responsible for igniting the flame to begin your fire. If the pilot light goes out, your whole system won’t be able to light. To check this, open the vent and look for a small flame. If it is extinguished, you will need to have it re-lit by either hiring a contractor or lighting it yourself. If your fireplace still doesn’t work after these two issues, it may be larger. 

Just like with pests nesting in your pilot tubing, air can also enter that space while your fireplace isn’t in use. To get the air out of the pilot tube, hold the pilot button down for 3 minutes. This lets the air bleed out of the tube and allows gas to flow through once again. If gas is flowing, but the pilot still won’t light, the issue could be with the spark igniter. Make sure that there isn’t dirt, sticks or leaves in the igniter. 

Temperature Sensor Issues

With many fireplaces, a thermocouple is used to regulate the temperature. It’s located between the valve and the pilot light. It provides the electricity to ignite the gas when it’s needed. If it isn’t screwed in all the way, it won’t do its job. In newer fireplaces, a thermopile is sometimes used. Test this connection, and if it is still faulty, call a professional.

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