Why You Should Invest in a Gas Fireplace

June 27, 2022

Do you already have a fireplace? Maybe you want to change from a wood-burning fireplace to something more current like a gas fireplace. While there’s a classic and traditional element to wood-burning fireplaces that’s beautiful, their popularity and appeal have diminished in the present real estate market. Opting for a gas fireplace is a solid investment that could save you money and be much easier to operate and maintain than a wood-burning fireplace. Let’s take a look at specific reasons to invest in a gas fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Cost-Savings are Worth it

Not everyone knows that gas fireplaces are energy-efficient and can reduce your power bill. Gas inserts are energy-efficient since they allow for strategic zone heating and are completely closed, allowing less heat to escape. This means you can lower the temperature setting on your home’s thermostat when you have a gas fireplace, reducing energy consumption. 

Gas Fireplaces Lacks Smoke or Embers

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces that produce embers and smoke, those irritants do not come with a gas fireplace. If you are interested in a fireplace that doesn’t have the potential to trigger allergies while providing the warmth, ambiance, and comfort that you need, a gas fireplace is an ideal option. If the smell of smoke causes you to cough or triggers a headache, you don’t have to worry about that concern with a gas fireplace. In the absence of ember and, thus, no spark, you minimize that risk of a fire hazard, making gas fireplaces a safer option than wood-burning fireplaces.

Easy Fireplace to Use

Do you want to convert to a fireplace that is easy to use? A gas fireplace is an ideal solution, requiring limited operational know-how after proper installation. With a gas fireplace insert, you simply need the flip of a switch to ignite it, and like you would adjust a thermostat, you adjust the temperature just as easily as well. You need a little experience to properly lay the wood for easy ignition and allow for adequate airflow to keep the flames going to produce sufficient heat output. When installing a gas fireplace, you avoid the work and the mess of a wood-burning fireplace.

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A new gas fireplace may be just what you need for your home, and Anderson Fireplace has the best gas fireplace for you to choose from. Our professionals have the skills needed to efficiently install the ideal gas fireplace for your tailored needs. Give us a call today.

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