Why Your Gas Fireplace Keeps Going Out

November 2, 2022

When you turn on your gas fireplace, normal flames appear, and the pilot light goes on. However, the pilot light goes out after a short while, and the flames fade away. Have you experienced this?

It can be annoying if your gas fireplace continues to go out. This implies that you and your family won’t be able to take advantage of the cozy atmosphere that your fireplace adds to your house. It’s time to identify the problem if your gas fireplace isn’t performing to its full potential.

Remember that the gas line may need to be bled of air and let flow for the pilot to function if you last used your fireplace several months ago. Just be patient if this is the situation.

Nonetheless, here are just a few possible reasons of your gas fireplace keeps going out:

The Thermostat of Your Gas Fireplace Has Issues

Your thermostat remote or thermostat could malfunction for several reasons, which would explain why your gas fireplace continues going out. Here are two approaches to fixing the problem:

  • Set the thermostat to the maximum setting.
  • Change the batteries if necessary and set the thermostat to manual mode.

Malfunctioning Thermopile or Thermocouple

The thermopile and thermocouple are fundamental components of the gas fireplace.

  • The thermocouple maintains the pilot light, a sensor that detects heat.
  • The thermopile, which enables gas to flow to the appliance’s main burner, is a bigger version of a thermocouple.

Your gas fireplace will keep going out if the thermopile or thermocouple is malfunctioning. An experienced fireplace technician should always troubleshoot and fix this.

Have Your Gas Fireplace Cleaned Up

The thermopile and thermocouple need to be kept clean as well. If you see dirt and dust accumulation, these components can hurt how well they work.

For example, if the thermocouple is dusty, it might not be able to send a signal to the pilot light, which could cause the gas to turn off.

Additionally, safety measures intervene to prevent the pilot flame’s ignition and the chamber’s filling with gas. This may occur if it is too cold outside or if carbon buildup is too high.

To clean these components, sand them using a microfiber cloth and fine-grit paper. To get rid of debris and dust, you could also vacuum the gas log set for the fireplace.

Always check that your gas fireplace is off and has not been used recently before interacting with it to prevent harm.

What to Do If None of These Remedies Work In Solving Your Gas Fireplace Problem

It might be time to engage the service of a professional fireplace technician if none of these straightforward remedies work in getting your gas fireplace back in working order.

Service Your Gas Fireplace by Engaging the Service of a Professional Fireplace Technician

It would be best if you serviced your gas fireplace once a year to keep it operating properly. Consider making an appointment if an expert has yet to service your gas fireplace in a while. An expert can swiftly and effectively identify any problems.

The professional fireplace technician can decide that to get your gas fireplace running, you need to replace some components, such as the gas valve, thermopile, thermocouple, etc.

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