Wood Burning Fireplace Safety Tips

April 22, 2019

While possibly not the most convenient fireplace option out there, wood burning fireplaces are extremely popular for their authenticity. There is something special about that crackling wood sound during a winter night! 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment is the leading cause of all house fires in the U.S.  To keep your home and your family safe when burning a wood fireplace, follow some of these safety tips. 

Must-Follow Safety Tips With Wood Burning Fireplace:

1. Never Leave Your Fire Unattended: 

When making a fire, make sure that you plan on staying home and awake after it starts. If you have any children, don’t leave them alone in the roof with the fire, either. 

2. Double Check Your Damper: 

Until your fire is completely out and all smoke has risen, make sure your flue or damper is completely open. You can use a flashlight or mirror to check your damper. It’s important to keep it open until all of your embers have stopped burning. 

3. Keep Items Clear Of Your Fireplace: 

Be sure that you always keep any combustible materials clear of your fireplace area. 

4. Inspection:

To make sure that your fireplace is in working order, have it checked annually. Especially if you haven’t used it in some time, it could be blocked by an animals nest, or other debris that can stop smoke from escaping. 

5. Buy Safety Equipment: 

All homes should have a fire extinguisher but even more if you have a wood burning fireplace. Also, get a smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed near your fireplace. 

Anderson Insulation installs beautiful, safe, and highly efficient wood burning fireplace. If you live in Massachusetts, and are in need of any fireplace services, please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 800.472.1717 or through our online contact form.   

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