Gas Fireplace Safety Tips

November 29, 2018

Many homeowners are aware of that fact that gas fireplaces are much more safe than other fireplaces that burn wood due to the fact that there is no smoke, sparks, etc. Although, gas fireplaces are not completely harmless as there are numerous safety precautions that should be taken in order to ensure that safety of your home and those in it. To minimize the threat posed by even the safest fireplace follow these simple tips.

Clearing the Clearance Zone

The first, and most obvious, safety precaution that homeowners can take when they own direct vent gas fireplaces is ensuring that the area known as the clearance zone is kept free of any flammable materials. This area, known as the clearance zone, is referencing the area around a fireplace in which it is not safe to place flammable objects. Even common fireplace items such as wood and matches should be kept well clear of this area as resting objects like this on the glass or nearby can lead to an unwanted fire.

Check the Barrier

Another safety precaution to take for your direct vent gas fireplace is to check the status of the safety screen barrier. In 2015 the fireplace industry began requiring that every direct vent gas fireplace be accompanied with a safety mesh screen. These screen were made to combat the problem many faced when the glass would get far too hot. This pose a great safety hazard to individuals within the home, especially young children. If you’re looking to spare no expense, upgrading your barrier from a screen to a double glass barrier will add a layer of insulated air between the outer glass and the flame which leads to reduced temperatures within the barrier as well as contained heat the can be then be used to further heat the room. 

Routine Maintenance 

Despite requiring not nearly as much maintenance as wood burning fireplaces, direct vent gas fireplaces should still have a scheduled routine maintenance about once a year. This will ensure that every aspect of your fireplace is performing optimally which can be extremely useful especially if there are winter months on the way.


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3 thoughts on “Gas Fireplace Safety Tips”

  1. Irene McKenna says:

    Does a vented gas fireplace need to be attended constantly? If it’s in the basement can I go upstairs for a few hours or will I need to turn it off?

    1. Patrick says:

      If installed correctly the fireplace should be fine to run without you in the room. Just make sure you don’t leave anything combustible directly in front of it. Use your best judgement.

  2. I appreciated your advice to ensure the clearance zone has no flammable materials in it so that you don’t start a fire. My house is pretty new but it’s been getting cold and we want a cozy feeling in the house. We’ll have to install a gas fireplace and follow these safety tips.

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