Winter Fireplace Tips

November 24, 2020

Winter is coming, and one of the things on your list should be getting the home ready for the cold months. If you have a fireplace, then chances are; that it has gathered dust and grime over the past few months. Besides, there is a possibility you don’t remember how to get it ready for winter. On the other hand, if you just recently set one up in your home, you must try it before the first frost. 

It is much safer and convenient to test your fireplace and get familiar with it before winter. This way, you can address any issues before the weather turns.

Five Tips to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

Here are a few tips to help you get ready:

Inspect the Chimney

Over time, cracks may appear in your chimney, which affects its heating. Before you resume the use of a fireplace, you should hire a professional to inspect the walls of your chimney. Loose bricks or cracks should be fixed before use.

You should also consider chimney caps if you do not have one fitted. They keep out rodents and dirt. If you already have one, examine it and clear out any obstructions. 

The branches of trees grow over chimney tops sometimes. It is unsafe to start a fire without clearing those first.

Use Dry and Seasoned Wood

Now that your fireplace is ready for use, can you burn any wood in it? No! It is recommended to only use dry and seasoned wood because it burns cleaner air. Wet wood, on the other hand, takes longer to burn and creates unnecessary smoke.

If you are sourcing the wood personally, ensure it has dried out properly before use. You can also request dry and seasoned wood from a local supplier.

Do Not Overload Your Fireplace

Cramming your firebox with wood will not make it burn better or faster. Instead, kindle a small fire, then slowly feed it with more wood. Wait till the chimney gets heated up before you add more wood.  

Ensure that the wood burns red as you add more wood chips. 

Maintain Your Fireplace

Maintenance in this regard is quite simple. You should occasionally empty the firebox of the accumulated ashes and keep the fireside clean.

Hire a Chimney Cleaning Service

Chimneys accumulate a build-up of oil residue and particles, some of which may be flammable. Your burning will produce cleaner air if you hire a professional chimney sweep to clear out the debris and dust. 

This should be done periodically, depending on how often you use your fireplace. It will minimize the risk of bad heating and ventilation when winter comes.


To keep your fireplace at optimum capacity, do not burn refuse or personal belongings in it. Doing so will contaminate the air and affect your house heating. Besides, preparation and maintenance can be handled for you by professionals. Anderson Fireplace offers such services to take the dirty work off you. Contact us today.

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