Fireplace Installations in Cape Cod MA

Anderson Fireplace is happy to provide Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with a wide range of beautiful fireplace services. Depending on your wants and needs, our team has taken the time and effort to specialize in every type of popular fireplace option out there. Cape Cod can be a brutal place during the winter and a beautiful place in the summer. We understand that and want homeowners to have a functional fireplace and a fantastic accent to their property. No one fireplace option is better than the other. We have come to learn and love that each home and customer preference is unique. Not every fireplace solution works for everyone; we recommend our customers explore and learn about all the options.

Gas Fireplaces

Anderson Fireplace proudly serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents with our direct-vent gas fireplaces. Traditional gas fireplaces are more inefficient than direct-vent options, eliminating the need for a flue, so back-drafting is not an issue. Additionally, direct-vent gas fireplaces are very versatile and can match whatever aesthetic you are looking for. Plus – they can be installed directly on the wall! 

Electric Fireplaces

Anderson Fireplace provides Dimplex Optiflame Series and Modern Flames electric fireplace options. These contemporary heating options are a great alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are available in various styles and can come in fireplace inserts, stoves, or wall-mounted appliances. The electric fireplace installation is a specialty of our skilled team of experts. 


Wood-burning Fireplaces

Zero-clearance wood-burning fireplaces are installed in a newer home or new addition. These fireplaces bring the joys of burning wood without the expense and mess. Many different styles are available depending on what you’re looking for. This is a good option if you’d like to keep the look of a masonry fireplace. 

Fireplace Accessories

In addition to the above options, we offer different accessories for your fireplace. These include fireplace inserts, gas logs, doors, and marble mantel surrounds. View more about our various accessories here, and check out some of our completed projects. 

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Gas Fireplaces

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireplace Inserts

Gas Logs & Doors

Electric Fireplaces

Marble/Mantel Surrounds

We are incredibly proud of all the work that we’ve done over the years. Showing customers some of our work provides reassurance that we’re the right ones for the job, and it inspires if their hearts aren’t already set on a style or type of fireplace. After talking with one of our specialists, if you’re increasingly more interested in what we offer, coming to our showroom can help you pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. Please feel free to reach out for more information about getting the fireplace your home has always wanted. We can be contacted at 800.472.1717 or through our online contact form.